October 23, 2017

Monday, Oct. 30, will mark a major milestone for GO 10 when we open the new Resler flyover entrance ramp to I-10 East. The ramp opening means that the old Resler flyover ramp will be demolished. The entire operation will require a series of closures that begin on Tuesday,
Oct. 24, including two, 27-hour Sunday closures on Sunday, Oct. 29 and Sunday, Nov. 5. Click here for details on this demo operation.


Another significant milestone for GO 10 took place back in April 2017. It was a month that triggered a burst of GO 10 progress, including:
  1. The Sunland Park Underpass Entrance Ramp to I-10 East was closed permanently (pictured below and marked by the red arrow).
  2. New Texas Turnaround Bridges at the Sunland Park Overpass have been installed. Although the picture above does not show today’s progress, the Texas Turnaround bridges are marked by the blue arrows.
  3. A new temporary Sunland Park Drive Exit Ramp from I-10 westbound was activated, and the former westbound Sunland Park Drive Exit Ramp was demolished.
  4. The new Sunland Park Drive Flyover Ramp is also standing tall today. In the next image, taken more recently, you are given the perspective of standing between the new flyover ramp and the old, yet-to-be-demolished flyover ramp. I-10 traffic can be seen on the ground on the far right.

Many overnight closures of Sunland Park Drive, including the Sunland Overpass and Sunland Flyover Ramp, have made this progress at Sunland Park possible.


You can expect more bridge construction, as well as bridge demolition, as we move onward, including the I-10 Overpass at North Mesa Street (SH 20).


The new Resler Flyover Ramp will ultimately distribute vehicles on to the new collector-distributor lanes (as shown in the image above) – not on to the main lanes. The main lanes in the image above are shown in a darker gray color.


In addition to bridges, let’s give GO 10 crews a round of applause for two significant milestones on I-10 Eastbound and I-10 Westbound – traffic is now driving on all-new lanes. It’s been a no-pothole zone for about three miles between Executive Center Boulevard and Buena Vista Street.


In the picture below, you can see the eastbound traffic switch near Buena Vista Street. This switch occurred on April 2, 2017.

(A picture showing the I-10 Westbound traffic switch is not yet available. The westbound switch occurred on September 10, 2017.)


Now that eastbound and westbound traffic is switched onto all-new outside lanes between Executive Center Boulevard and Buena Vista Street, the center median of I-10 in that section is now an active construction work zone. Crews are ripping out and breaking up old pavement, fencing, illumination poles and more. It will be replaced with new pavement, a center barrier wall, new concrete shoulders, and more.


Be assured, GO 10 is cognizant of the coming holiday season. We will do our best to schedule roadway closures in a way that will have minimal impact to shoppers and retail centers.


We will continue to work at night and will open new lanes and structures as soon as they’re ready. The team will build temporary accommodations during the transitions, like ramps, to help keep you moving. Thanks for your continued patience as we work to get this important work complete.