Friday, March 09, 2018

The Sunland Park flyover ramp is set to close March 19 for several weeks

Plans are in place to open the all-new Sunland Park Drive flyover ramp; but, before that can happen, both the new and the old Sunland Park flyover ramps will be inaccessible for several weeks.

The old Sunland Park flyover ramp, highlighted in blue, will be demolished in the next few weeks.

GO 10 is closing the Sunland Park Drive flyover entrance to I-10 Eastbound on March 19. It is expected to reopen by April 30.


Closure of the Sunland Park flyover ramp is necessary so crews can demolish and re-build the pavement that physically connects the ramp to Sunland Park Drive. This 600-foot long section of pavement leading up to the ramp is called the approach.

Crews will demolish the approach, shown in blue, and rebuild to connect to the new flyover ramp.

Once this section, called the approach, is complete, the plan is to open the all-new Sunland Park flyover to traffic.


Simultaneously during the closure of the Sunland Park flyover ramp, crews plan to begin the process of demolishing the old flyover ramp. Demolition will occur alongside Paisano Drive (US 85) – in front of the auto dealerships.

Crews will demolish the old Sunland Park flyover ramp, highlighted in blue. The new ramp can be seen next to it.

The I-10/Sunland Park Drive interchange is the most complex section of GO 10’s six-mile work zone because it involves the demolition and re-construction of the existing overpass and the old flyover ramp over I-10, (highlighted in yellow) as well as the construction of the new overpass and flyover ramp.

The existing overpass and old flyover ramp will be demolished. New bridges under construction are shown in green.

Call to Action: Closure of the Sunland Park flyover ramp is anticipated to be a high-impact closure. During this time, drivers are encouraged to take alternate routes and avoid the I-10/Sunland Park interchange during peak rush hours. For drivers who must travel through the interchange, pack a lot of patience. Consider carpooling to help reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Give yourself more time to arrive at your destination on time. Employers may like to offer employees the ability to work remotely, encourage teleconference meetings or allow employees to stagger their hours.


Keep in mind, GO 10’s broader goal is to be substantially complete with structures at I-10 and Sunland Park Drive by December this year. To achieve that December goal, drivers can expect 2018 to bring:

  • more disruptive closures to the I-10/Sunland Park interchange
  • more significant detour routes
  • traffic slowdowns that can affect adjacent roads, such as South Mesa Hills Drive and Doniphan Drive


Thank you for your patience as GO 10 works to transform the I-10/Sunland interchange.

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