Monday, October 23, 2017

Texas Contractor Magazine

GO 10 made the cover! Texas Contractor Magazine’s May edition featured a multi-page article shining a spotlight on GO 10’s complex construction and how the project is set to transform El Paso’s Westside. The article provides and in-depth look at the project and its challenges, and what it will mean to El Paso. You can read it in its entirety here:


Below are a few of the photos featured in the article:


Construction Equipment Guide

In August, GO 10 was also featured in Construction Equipment Guide. The article highlighted major improvements in each of GO 10’s four construction zones, and the function of the collector-distributor lanes as a safety mechanism to reduce weaving on the main lanes. The article noted that complete closures of I-10 were being conducted at off-peak times to minimize impact to drivers and it discussed GO 10’s robust public communications program, responsible for keeping motorists informed and responding to concerns. Read the full story here:


The following are featured photos:


TxDOT 2017 Environmental Conference

GO 10 was featured at the TxDOT 2017 Environmental Conference in mid-September. Almost 500 participants, varying from private sector to public, representing 13 states and 14 federal, state, and local organizations were in attendance. During a conference session, it was noted that GO 10 is becoming the standard that other TxDOT districts strive to emulate in construction outreach. Useful information and attention-grabbing graphics on the GO 10 website, the Business Alliance program, the Traffic Jam campaign, social media outreach, and the GO 10 Insider Newsletter were highlighted as successful elements of the program.


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