Monday, June 26, 2017

Within an ambitious 27-hour timeframe, GO 10 crews demolished the I-10 East Overpass at North Mesa Street on Sunday, March 12, 2017. In addition to the demolition work, crews also shifted I-10 eastbound traffic lanes onto the newly built I-10 overpass median. This operation kicked off the second of three phases that will result in the total replacement of the entire I-10 Overpass at North Mesa. Phase 2 is expected to continue through this summer.

Early morning view from South Desert Boulevard of the I-10 East Overpass. Crews began the demolition at 3 a.m. Sand and wooden boards were used to protect Mesa Street’s pavement from falling debris. Construction supervisors can also be seen atop the overpass in this photo.

From atop the I-10 Overpass’s new median bridge, TxDOT and Sundt workers talk about the day’s operational activities. Meanwhile, one of two excavators can be seen behind them, jackhammering at the I-10 Eastbound Overpass.


This image captures the moment when a pair of concrete beams snapped in half, collapsing onto a pile of concrete and metal debris. Puffs of pulverized concrete rose from the site with the fall of each beam. The collapse happened approximately eight hours into the 27-hour operation.

Crews used two excavator jackhammers to break up and tear apart the bridge. Echoes from the pounding jackhammers could be heard from blocks away. People from the nearby Village Inn had a rare first-row seat to the remarkable event. North Mesa Street (SH 20), which can be seen in the background, was closed in both directions at the overpass.


The arrows on this image illustrate generally how traffic on I-10 East will be able to stay on I-10 during the absence of the eastbound overpass. For approximately six months after the March 12 demolition, crews will work to build the new eastbound overpass. Once complete, then crews will start Phase 3, which means demolishing and re-building the westbound overpass. Unlike the old I-10 Overpass, the new overpass will be a complete and full-span bridge over the through-lanes of North Mesa Street.



Thank you so much for your support and patience during TxDOT’s six-mile transformation of I-10 on El Paso’s Westside

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