Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer is upon us and the GO 10 project is in high gear attaining the 50% completion milestone in April 2017. The overall progress is evident throughout the project limits including Mesa, Resler and the recent eastbound I-10 traffic switch to the new collector-distributor (CD) lanes between Buena Vista and Executive Center. These areas continue to progress on schedule with the concentrated work activities contributing to the overall project acceleration being in the Paisano (pictured right) and Sunland Park interchange locations.

The Sunland Park interchange represents the most complex construction due to the close proximity of work activities and the amount of traffic involved both on I-10 and Sunland Park Drive itself. Major work activities on-going in this I-10/Sunland area include the two turnaround structures and new direct connector (aka flyover ramp) at Sunland Park along with the Paisano (US 85) bridge structure over I-10. Recent completion of many of these components is marked with aesthetic enhancements that bring life to the bridge columns and retaining walls portraying a Southwestern motif, providing character to the project.



Construction of the turnaround bridges (highlighted in the picture to the left) provides a long-term roadway capacity enhancement while providing for temporary use during the replacement of the existing Sunland Park Drive Overpass. During that phase, the turnaround bridges will carry existing traffic with minimal interruption to traffic flow. In a similar fashion, traffic on the existing direct connector ramp (aka flyover ramp, pictured) will be re-located permanently to the new direct connector ramp, allowing for demolition of the old ramp. These basic phasing schemes minimize the inconvenience to the traveling public while maintaining access to I-10 and the various commercial properties in the area.


The completion of the huge retaining wall close to the Sunland Park Mall signifies the initiation of additional work in the area including the closure of the westbound Sunland Park Exit Ramp. In this area, to maintain access, a temporary exit ramp is being constructed until the permanent exit ramp can be completed. This temporary ramp will allow for connections to the Paisano bridge structures over I-10 along with the construction of the collector-distributor (CD) roads in that area with minimal traffic impact.


The intensity of roadway closures will be evident during the remainder of this year excluding the Christmas holiday season. This is necessary in order to advance critical work components at the Sunland Park area described. During this time, three lanes of traffic will be maintained, nighttime closures will be employed with daytime single lane closures only as required and only during non-peak drive times.


Extensive work activities, such as steel girder placement and removal, will be performed during 27-hour extended periods, which we usually schedule on a Sunday at 3 a.m. and finish by 6 a.m. the next morning. These closure time frames and work restrictions cost additional funds in order to accelerate work activities; but, GO 10 considers it well worth the extra cost in order to minimize impact to the public.


The removal of the Sunland Park direct connector (aka flyover) is currently scheduled for early 2018. This activity would then allow for the completion of the interchange at Sunland Park. Other portions of the project will still remain including major work at North Mesa, but the eventual completion of the project will become even more evident at that time. By then, the new Resler direct connector (pictured left, the new ramp is alongside the old ramp) will be complete and the I-10 widening between Sunland Park and Executive Center will be fully operational – and with shoulders.


The GO 10 project began in April 2015 with a four-year schedule. Despite the project being defaulted, the contract is currently back on its original schedule. This fact alone is amazing based on the magnitude and complexity of the project. Anticipating the current progress to continue, the contract could actually be substantially complete earlier than April 2019. In any case, impact during the Christmas shopping seasons will be greatly reduced if not eliminated due to the accelerated work activities and requirement to not allow any major closures during that time period.


The best news is that in less than two years the project will be complete. As can be seen already today, the project is well worth the heartache felt by some members of the public and will serve the community well into the future. TxDOT appreciates all your patience and understanding during the construction of this project. We hope to deliver on your expectations of an outstanding transportation project that will be used for decades to come by generations of Texans and travelers through our great state.


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