Friday, March 03, 2017

On August 14, 2016, El Paso’s Buena Vista Bridge (aka The Bridge to Nowhere) was demolished. The demolition took place in one day’s time – and an enigmatic El Paso landmark was gone. Check out our fast-motion footage of part of the bridge being demolished.


Before demo of the bridge, crews closed all lanes on I-10 in both directions. A thick layer of sand and wood boards were placed on I-10 lanes below the bridge to catch falling debris and protect the I-10 pavement. During demo, steel rebar was removed from the bridge, rolled up into a ball, and placed aside, reminiscent of a tumbleweed. The Bridge to Nowhere was built almost 50 years ago to connect the Buena Vista Neighborhood to a future development. When things didn’t pan out, the bridge no longer had a purpose, and the community nicknamed it The Bridge to Nowhere. To see more footage of the project, check out GO 10 on Periscope at

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