Thursday, December 08, 2016

Overnight closures to rebuild I-10 at North Mesa Street (SH 20) will begin the first Monday in December. For several nights starting Dec. 4, from 9 pm each night to 6 am each morning:

  • North Mesa will be completely closed in both directions under the I-10 Overpass
  • I-10 West will be completely closed at North Mesa
  • I-10 East will be reduced to one lane at North Mesa

The good news is all lanes will be open during the day. So be sure to wrap up your holiday shopping and head home by 8:45 pm to avoid the detour. Scroll down to see the detour illustration.


UPDATE: Originally, the intersection was scheduled to be closed for 11 nights

  • Sunday, Dec. 4 through Thursday, Dec. 8
  • Sunday, Dec. 11 through Thursday, Dec. 15
  • Sunday, Dec. 18

Due to the delayed delivery of materials, the closures set for Dec. 12 and afterward will no longer take place. Instead, the contractor will reschedule for early January.


You can keep up with the very latest information at and at


What’s happening at the I-10/North Mesa Intersection?

The I-10/North Mesa intersection will undergo three phases of construction, with the first phase entailing the construction of a new center bridge between I-10 eastbound and I-10 westbound. In the image, you can see support columns are already up, waiting for the new center bridge. In the subsequent phases, crews will rebuild the existing eastbound/westbound lanes.


During the December night time closures, crews will be moving 30 massive bridge beams into the area and using two cranes to set those beams into place. The longest beam is 164-feet long (about half the length of a football field); approximately 6 feet, 10 inches tall (about the height of Magic Johnson); weighs 57 tons (about the weight of seven T-Rexes), and will completely span North Mesa Street (SH 20) once it is in place. During the January night time closures, crews will install bridge deck panels and more to finish I-10’s new center median bridge.


What can motorists do during the night time closure of this intersection?

The GO 10 team recommends people try to avoid this intersection during these night time closures because the detour is no fun. If you must use this route, we’ll have detour signs in place.



Due to the delayed delivery of materials, GO 10 is postponing the last five nights of closures at the I-10/North Mesa intersection:


Sunday, Dec. 4 through Thursday, Dec. 8 ►AS ORIGINALLY PLANNED


Monday, Dec. 12 through Thursday, Dec. 15 ►POSTPONED TO JANUARY


9 p.m. each night to 6 a.m. each morning

  • I-10 Westbound will be completely closed between the North Mesa Exit Ramp (Exit 11) and the westbound North Mesa Entrance Ramp.
  • I-10 Eastbound will be reduced to one lane between the North Mesa Exit Ramp (Exit 11) and North Mesa Entrance Ramp.
  • North Mesa Street (SH 20) will be completely closed in both directions between North and South Desert Boulevard frontage roads.

The postponed closures are tentatively re-scheduled for the week of Monday, Jan. 2.


All closures are subject to change due to weather and other variables.


Please keep in mind, these road closure details can change due to weather or other variables. Be sure to check our Traffic Alerts web page every Friday afternoon for the most updated information.



Renderings of what the new I-10/North Mesa intersection might look like is provided below. Refresh the page if the images do not appear correctly.


This is a rendering of the new I-10/North Mesa interchange. We are looking eastbound. You can see the Village Inn to the right. The improved South Desert Boulevard, which runs alongside I-10 East in this picture, will have more lanes, including new turn-only lanes and new U-turn lanes.

This picture brings you closer to the interchange. You can see the new U-turn lane under the I-10 Overpass. Also, take note of the new I-10 center median between the eastbound/westbound main lanes. Currently, I-10 has no median.
Although not shown in either rendering, the new I-10 Overpass will completely span across the through lanes of North Mesa Street (SH 20). In other words, there will no longer be a center support column in the median of North Mesa Street.
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