Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Question 1:

Is the US 85 Bridge the first bridge to be demolished as a part of the GO 10 project?
It is the first bridge that spans over I-10 to be demolished. There are 29 bridges total located along the GO 10 corridor and many have been under construction since 2015. One Paisano (US 85) Bridge, which runs alongside I-10 East near Sunland Park, was recently demolished by GO 10 on July 12; but, as far as demolition of a bridge that spans over I-10, the US 85 Bridge is the first.

Question 2:

How exactly will it be demolished? How will the work impact drivers?
The US 85 Bridge will be demolished in sections over the course of several nights and two Sundays.
On Sunday, July 24, plans are to close eastbound I-10 so that section of the bridge which spans the eastbound lanes can be demolished. Then, on Sunday, July 31, plans are to close westbound I-10 so that section of the bridge which spans the westbound lanes can be demolished. This is a dangerous and delicate operation. GO 10 engineers are making every effort to schedule these operations over the course of nonpeak drive times.
It is important to let people know, while we have laid out a schedule for demolition of the US 85 Bridge; various and unforeseeable factors (such as extreme weather, mechanical failures, etc.) can affect plans, including the schedule. If it becomes necessary to change the schedule, GO 10 communicators will disseminate the new information via:
  • the GO 10 website
  • GO 10 Twitter and Facebook
  • email to the news media & to subscribers of GO 10’s traffic alerts
  • roadside digital message boards

Question 3:

Why was the US 85 Bridge chosen as the first bridge to be taken down on the GO 10 project?

You are looking at a coordination effort between GO 10 and the Border West Expressway (BWE). As you know, the BWE has shutdown Paisano Drive (US 85) for several months. That shutdown includes the complete closure of the US 85 Bridges. GO 10 is taking advantage of the Paisano closure to accelerate its portion of the work in this area, which includes the US 85 Bridge that spans across I-10. This area, where US 85 meets I-10, is the reason these two massive projects must be implemented at the same time.


Although it will not be possible for the GO 10 project to complete all work in this area (I-10 and US 85) by the BWE target date of February 2017, both projects will be able to be accelerated with the downtime of Paisano Drive (US 85) greatly reduced. More information about the work in this area of I-10 can be found at


Question 4:

Is there anything I did not ask that you feel is important for people to know about the bridge demolitions?

People should know that we are in the thick of GO 10 and BWE adjoining construction work. We ask for patience at this time, as well as understanding. Crews are working in 100-plus degree heat; they are working with hot mix and hot tar; they are working nights and Sundays; they are working alongside high-speed traffic, including 80,000-pound semi-trucks. Please slow down, put your devices away, and thank you for your support.


Question 5:

How many bridges in total will be taken down?

The following high profile bridges are slated for demolition and reconstruction (not in this order):

  • I-10 Bridge at North Mesa Street (SH 20)
  • Resler Overpass
  • Sunland Park Overpass
  • Sunland Park Bridge (underneath the Sunland Park Overpass)
  • US 85 Bridges
  • Buena Vista Bridge (aka the Bridge to Nowhere)

There are other bridges slated for demolition; but, they do not pass over I-10. There are also other bridges that won't be demolished, but simply widened.


Question 6:

What will be the next bridge to be demolished?

It is difficult to pinpoint which bridge will be next.

  • Currently, GO 10 has been hard at work on the I-10 Bridge over North Mesa Street (SH 20). Barrier is there now in preparation for heightened bridge work. The I-10 Bridge at North Mesa Street (SH 20) will be all new, featuring a complete and full span over North Mesa Street (SH 20), meaning no columns in the median of North Mesa Street (SH 20).
  • On the other hand, GO 10 engineers and the contractor are looking at the westbound Sunland Park Exit Ramp, which is a bridge. The ramp will be demolished and re-built; but, not before a temporary exit ramp is built and open to traffic.
  • The Buena Vista Bridge (aka the Bridge to Nowhere) could go down sometime this year; but, an exact date is not scheduled at this time.


    Question 7:

    Why do the bridges need to be demolished?

    GO 10 is a $158 million transformation of I-10 for six miles between Executive and North Mesa. One of the key improvements will be the addition of lanes, including collector-distributor (CD) lanes. The bridges are not compatible with the new lanes. Therefore, many of the bridges inside the GO 10 construction zone must be demolished and reconfigured to tie into the new lanes.

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