Wednesday, June 22, 2016
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The GO 10 project is re-scheduling work activities to take advantage of the Border West Expressway (BWE) Project’s closure of Paisano Drive (US 85). The GO 10 project was originally scheduled to implement this same closure in January of 2017, following completion of connecting work by the $600 million BWE project.


By following the original plan, Paisano Drive (US 85) access would continue to have been limited with significant closure durations until around September 2017, allowing for construction required by both projects. Instead, the BWE project team decided to accelerate work in this area by implementing this closure now. Although it will not be possible for the GO 10 project to complete all work in this area by the BWE target date of February 2017, both projects will be able to be accelerated with the downtime of Paisano Drive (US 85) greatly reduced.


GO 10 work is already under way in the Paisano/I-10 area with planning accelerated for other work, including the removal of the westbound Sunland Park Exit Ramp and its replacement with a temporary ramp. This feature allows for continuous access to Sunland Park Mall and numerous other commercial sites while clearing the way for the GO 10 contractor to accelerate construction. This not only accelerates the project, but, allows the work to be completed in a safer manner for both the workers and the traveling public.


In other work, GO 10 has eastbound traffic shifted to the inside median on I-10 between Sunland Park Drive and Executive Center Boulevard. This allows for three lanes to be open to traffic, rather than the originally proposed two-lane configuration.


This lane shift toward the median is necessary while crews add a new outside lane to this section of I-10. When the new lane is complete, a subsequent lane shift will occur toward the outside three lanes so crews can re-build the inside median. The lane shift has been accomplished in the eastbound direction, with westbound to follow shortly. Pavement construction activities have already begun in this section.


The four-year GO 10 contract has entered its second year of construction with no real impact to I-10 capacity during peak rush hours. The majority of work activities have occurred behind concrete barrier with periodic lane closures implemented during non-peak rush hours or during nighttime hours where applicable.


This trend should continue for the rest of 2016. The exception would be a full closure to place beams or pour overpass bridge decks, etc. over I-10, mostly likely in the Paisano area.


The first one of these closures is planned for this month. These closures will be advertised with a minimum of a two-week notice through our public information outlets including our GO 10 website. Work on the Resler Drive and Sunland Park Boulevard direct connectors (aka overpasses) requiring additional work over I-10 and associated closures are currently targeted for 2017 and 2018, respectively.


These dates are subject to change; but, we are providing them so everyone may have general idea of GO 10’s major construction components and sequencing.


Please be assured that our GO 10 project team will do everything possible to minimize closures and overall impact to the traveling public. Where work activities become necessary, we will ensure they are well-planned in order to minimize their duration and, of course, notify the public in advance.


Thank you for visiting this site and remember to drive smart and safe.

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